Mobile Apps

Facebook and Instagram are very alike, Facebook actually bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars. Facebook has Messenger built in it and Instagram has a direct message in it where you can talk to certain people too. On Facebook you don't have to post a picture just to say something you just write a post. Facebooks' layout is different from Instagram and you can add stickers that are bigger than just the emojis and send them to people or comment them on a post. Facebook is very simple to use it has tabs at the bottom that show your notifications, your home page, your feed, and a Messenger button that will take you straight to the app. Facebook will also allow you to see who's online that you can chat with.

Instagram is a popular website used by mostly teens. You can post videos and pictures like Facebook. And the tabs are similar your profile, your notifications, your feed and the tab where you can add photos and videos. and a tab where you can search for friends. It shows pictures from people all over the world or around your area. Instagram is very easy to understand to be able to connect with friends. Instagram and Facebook both have a way of connecting with old friends you haven't seen since high school. So I hope you would enjoy using both apps.

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