Meditation Late...

Zachary Nagy (late) Mr. Halkuff Core 2

1. We did simple meditation. 2. We did a guided meditation where you had told us a story. 3. was another guided meditation but instead of you, it was a recording...

The simple meditation was you just giving us the beginnings of Meditation! The guided meditation was when you told us a story, one about a "magical" journey where we plant our good things... and drown our bad ones!! the third thing was a lady... I cant remember much of this one I do remember the girl attempting to put us to sleep!!

Before I thought meditation was a silly excuse for being lazy!! but then I realized that I was totally wrong!!!! During the activity's it was weird at first but if everyone's doing it no one will make fun of you... But during the activity it was relaxing and very stress-relieving! Would I do it on my free time? Yes I probably would because as every normal person has stress and with my grades and extreme laziness I guess I would have a lot of stress...


1. Meditation - it is a act of mind relieving activities that are very relaxing

2. Mantra - Is a syllable or word that you use during meditation. It sort of acts as like a trigger word, a word your mind knows is a relieving or stress relieving sound.

3. Deep Breathing - Is a thing you do whilst In meditation, Where you inhale with your nose and hold for 3 seconds and release after the 3 seconds are up

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