Michael Weeks

       Birds are vertebrates,this means that they have a backbone.Most birds can fly but a select few are flightless like the ostrich, emu,and penguins. Birds are in the class Aves. The feathers they are covered in are special to them no other animal has them. They act like a barrier from sun water and heat  loss they also provide a smooth surface for the air to push against when flying. The two hind legs are for climbing, nest building,or swimming.The beak is designed to aid in the picking up of small insects and seeds which is the most common diet of birds.

     The characteristics of birds were acquired by modern birds through evolution, adapting to the environment they are in. For example birds with smaller beaks are able to get into smaller insects shelters while birds with nigger beaks are able to break and carry larger nuts to their nest.Birds also have camouflage suited to the environment they live in,for example a finch in North Carolina may be brown with some color due to the lack of bright colored plants, while a finch in Hawaii may be vibrant and full of color due to the colorful plants there. Birds feet also tell about there evolution, some species of sea birds have webbing in their feet for aid in swimming when hunting while a bird from the rainforest has longer toes and nails for holding on to a branch.

                                                Order of Divisions

 Kingdom: Anamilia



Clade: Eumaniraptora



Hawks are birds of prey. They hunt using talons as tools to tear at there prey. Most hawks have slim body and and long wings. Hawks have adopted a ability of fantastic eyesight. They use this to hunt spotting prey from a distant then flying in fast and grabbing the prey using the talons for the kill. Some hawks carry the prey to great hights  and drop it to kill it.


    Osprey is a type of hawk found in North America. Their diet mainly consist of fish. They have adapted a ability to catch fish by diving in the water to catch them. The osprey is a large bird with narrow, long wings on a slim body with long legs with talons. The feathers are brown from above but white from below. They live near salt marshes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, estuaries, and coral reefs. There nest are large and usually built over water.



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