Important Issues

With a population of 1.252 billion people, India is expected to have many issues.

Issue #1:
Outdoor Defecation

The political cartoon shows a man defecating outdoors. Open defecation in India is a major problem because it causes many diseases to spread and contaminates drinking water. Nearly fifty percent of Indians do not have or have access to a toilet; however, 64% of Indians do have telephones at home. India's sanitation problem of outdoor defecation not only affects its people, but the entire world. Outdoor defecation in India needs to be stopped in order for growth of the country.

Issue #2: Government Scandals

India's government has been involved with multiple scandals in the past decade. These scandals involve ones like the mining mafia problem happening along the west coast. Not only are these scandals affecting the people of India, but the economy is being thrown into a rut. Consumer inflation, how much it costs for basic goods, is has been above 10% for the past decade, and is large concern for the possibility of India falling into poverty. A poll reflected that 96% of Indians said that corruption was holding their government back. The state of Karnataka made two billion dollars or more shipping illegal ore to China, and the problem is still at large, but the government is to corrupted to fix it.

Issue #3- Poverty

Issue #4- Mobile Phones

India is having many problems dealing with the basic needs of the people in their country. They have around 70% of their population living in poverty. This is bad because it forces many children to work as child laborers. They also have many people who don't have healthcare, which is why many diseases that don't hurt us can kill people if India if they catch it. The literacy rate in India is only 62%, which means many people can't even read, much less go to school. With a population 1.2 billion, 70% of them are in poverty and 38% of them can't read.   

This info graphic shows how about two thirds of companies in India are going to have a smart mobile device. Seventy two percent of enterprise in India cited improving productivity as a driving factor in the adoption of smart mobile devices. This info graphic tells us about Mobile Enterprise and how it will help the country. It says that 59.4% of companies will have access to the Internet. 205 million Enterprise Mobile Workforce by this year.

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