My uncle Sharon

Darlene Mattson 4-16-14

He enlisted to serve his beloved

He enlisted to serve his beloved
USA in WW II, serving with
the Army Air Corps, 15th AF-464th BG-
776 squad out of Pantanella, Italy
as a top notch Pilot of a B-24.
He flew over 60 bombing missions without
personal injury.

Many times the stories would tell of him limping his plane
back to the base, almost ditching in the Adriatic sea.
He lead a bombing Run to blast
one of Hitler's oil Refiners near
Budapest, Hungary, where the air
group came under attack. captain Waggoner's plan was hit-

two fires in the lower fuselage area, as well as a fire in one
of the four engines. lost one engines
captain continued to lead his air group over the target with
"devastating accuracy"
Inside the oil Refinery captain Waggoner's b-24 lost two more
engines now flying on 0ne engines and mission completed his b-24
named " pistal packing mama" limped back to the base

Pervious to landing "pistal packing mama" lost all her east engines
just top watch

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