Earth and Weather

Tools that help scientist predict the weather


Sonar uses sound waves to detect objects underwater. Suppose that a ship tries to find a submarine. The ship sends out out sound waves underwater. Part of the sound will bounce off the sub and back to the ship. The ships crew can tell how far away the sub is from the ship by the time it took the sound waves to travel there and back


Radar works like a sonar, but not underwater. Radar sends out microwaves or radio waves. Radars have many uses, but one of the main uses is to measure weather currents


The shaking of the ground that you feel from earthquakes is caused by waves of energy called Seismic Waves. The seismograph drawing (ABOVE) shows how a Seismograph works


These are large balloons sent into the atmosphere. They collect weather data such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure


Man-made satellites are machines that orbit earth. People use them for communication, for observing outer space, for military purposes, or for observing earth to study it or make maps

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