Devil Girl

By Jia Lin

Slim opens the wooden door to the sound of sobs. "What's wroong, good-lookin'?" Slim asked politely while closing the latch on the door.

"Oh Slim, i'm in hot water!"she says while angerly throwing the playing cards off the table. she used both hands to cover her face and muffled her cries.

"Oh what could be the problem?" he said, reaching into the apple box.

"I blew the stake! It's gone!" she said shaking her head.

He stopped in his tracks, "all of it?" he asked a little apprehensively.

Curley's wife stood up and kicked the box that was used as a chair for the table. It fell to it's side loudly and rolled as Slim made a move to pick it up. He was stopped when she ran over to him for comfort."The boss, he...he," she was stuttering on her words "he might want to clear out by morning!" she said into his chest.

"Don't be silly, Curley will sure pick scraps with the boss if he heard that." Slim said placing his hands on her shoulders.

Her anger seemed to subsided to the thought of that. "Would you pick scrapes with someone to defend me also?" She asked

"Sure would, beautiful."

She looked up at him, her mood changed from being morosely to mollifyingly. She leaned on him further, slinking her arms around his neck. Slim backed up until he hit  the stove. She took this chance of him not being able to escape to lean in for it. Slim thought to himself, if he were to be caught, he would definitely be canned. But he did not speak up or stop her, instead, he returned her feelings.

Someone had cleared their throat in the doorway, they both stopped with flushed faces and turned reluctantly. It was George leaning on the door frame, "Curley's lookin' for ya'." He said nodding his head at her.

Curley's wife gave Slim the eye and ran her hands down his chest before taking her leave. She looked complacently with her self as she walked out. "You gon' ask what this was?" He asked George.

"Ehh, not my business, aint gon' get in it."

Slim respected that, he wiped his lips with the back of his hands and moved to the apple box to get what he came for. "She's one heck of a devil..." He said to himself before he went for the door.

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