Animal Abuse

By: Alexa S. Williams

An Abused Animal

Definition: Animal Abuse is something that people with messed up mines or had a bad childhood. Mostly animal abuse happens when a person hates or can't take care of the animal . Like how you have a pet and love it so...think of the opposed, that is animal abuse ( really it is just hating the animal ).


Animal Abuse happens everyday you just don't know when it is happening

You can go to jail for abusing a animal

Over 100 million animals get killed in U.S. laboratories

If a animal is exotic then they get to spend there like in a lab to just bread and not to live in the willed

In the 1860's people watched as dogs killed/ hurt each other

Dogs that are fighting

How does it happen?

Animal Abuse happens when a person hates that animal, the person might have had a  bad childhood or abusive parents, there are meany ways that it happens. Lets say if you had a abusive parent, you would have anger and sadness inside of you, you would take it out at something that something would be you pet. Now the second one would be that you just hate animals, if you hate animals you might take out your rage on animals that are on the street. The time you think about all this you might say that " Wow I didn't know that could happen." well every reason is different. I just hope you or anyone doesn't do that they are just sick.

Who helps?

1. ASPCA: Makes a article to show how to helps animals

2. American Humane: Explains how to see if a animal is being abused

3.Georgia ASPCA: Tells you how to see and how to report

4. Texas Humane Legislation Network: Tells you how to inform a officer

5. World Animal Protection: Tells you how to avoid animal abuse

6. Stop Animal Abuse: Tells you what to know

A person that helps animals in need

Why is it important for you to know?

So you can help out a animal in need, like when you see a animal chained to a tree with no food or water. If you would like to help you can call police/ animal control but you need proof first and when they get there and see if it is being abuse they will take it away to a animal shelter. Also you can help out a locale animal shelter, when you asked you you could do  they will tell you. If you do that you could help out every time you can help. When you do that will you feel happy of your self?  

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