Same-sex marriages in USA

Yore, gay marriage has been a source of huge disputes in United States. Some were fighting for it since the 70’s. They wanted to obtain marriage civil rights for same-sex couples too. In 1993, the claim became more and more important when the government officially refused gay marriage because it was against the Constitution. It’s only 30 years later that those militants saw their dream came true.

We can see it when we look at the States where same-sex wedding is allowed. The American’s opinion is really divided, but more that the time flies, there is more and more of regions where it’s accepted.

The first state that recognized gay marriage is Massachusetts, in 2004. This state was really innovator because it’s only five years later that other states, as California and Connecticut, legalized this type of marriages. Then, in 2012, Maryland, Washington and Maine became the first states to authorize gay marriage by referendum, so the decision was based on population’s opinion.

Nowadays, it’s 33 states that have the same point of view. The number is increasing quickly. The 21th century is a turning point for say gay weddings. Only in 2014, same-sex weddings have been recognized in 15 other states. The same movement of acceptance is growing up on the international scene too. Surveys, from 2011, show that the majority of USA population is in favor of same-sex marriages.

Likely, concerning the government’s point of view, during the mandate of Georges W. Bush, the subject has been a hypothesis, but the Republican Party was really divided. All along Barack Obama’s campaign, he affirmed that homosexuals deserve the same rights that heterosexual people and he was for union civil, but against gay wedding. He said in 2010, that his opinion evolved constantly. Finally, in 2012, he has been the first American president who declared publicly that he was for the same-sex wedding.

To date, there is just missing 17 other states to legalize homosexual marriage…

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