Redskins mascot controversy


1. Write the title of the article and the author's name.

"Washington Redskins receive mixed opinions from students" By: Shanteal Collins

2. Write a brief summary--what is the main idea presented in the article?

Native American students have different opinions about Redskins

3. Lift a line--choose something from the article that you think is particularly interesting. Copy the line word for word and then explain why you chose it.

“Caucasians played Indians in the movies in the past and people made fun of them,” he said. “I take offense to the Redskins name, I don’t have red skin. I am Native American.” I chose this line because he's telling the truth, he doesn't have red skin and he's a Native American then how is the mascot name represent the Native Americans. -.-

4. Make a text-to text connection. How does your article relate to the one we read yesterday?  

Both article have people's different opinions.  


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Nice work.