Anti-Bullying Posters

Good vs. Bad

This poster's space is used amply, the image does not overpower the message.

The message is clear-friendship overpowers negativity and bullying.

Another message conveyed is: love and friendship compromise the spread of bullying.

It is ascetically pleasing; earth is portrayed clearly, words are spaced nicely and the flowers being connected symbolize unity.

This particular poster is uniformly spaced and depicted well.

It clearly expressed the message: think before you speak.

A second interpretation could be: think about how it would feel to have something said to you before you say it to someone else.

The poster is neatly drawn, and the alphabet soup and spoon are easily recognizable.

Poster number three is unpleasantly spaced and difficult to read. The image is also dark with a lot of unused space.

The message is confusing, it is only putting down bullies which could anger them and make them act out more.

The only other message I received was that bullies are horrible people.

On this poster; the artwork is distasteful and messy, there are no clean or straight lines and the coloring is uneven.

This poster is poorly spaced and lacks meaningful information.

The message is unclear due to the promotion of football.

A message that is conveyed through this poster is; be a football fan and like the Dolphins, the Broncos and the numbers 68 and 1.

It is not very artistic since there is little color, the lines are inconsistent and there is lack of expression.

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