Ashlee Brackett
Favorite Class
Physical Education

Physical Education is the best because you get to stay active and healthy!

Favorite Food
Zaxby's Big Zax Meal Deal

Yummmm!! Chicken and Zax Sauce!!!

Favorite/Last Book I Read
The Fault in Our Stars

This book is my favorite because it shows romance and comedy in the same story.  It makes you laugh but also at the end it makes you cry.  

Favorite Movie
God's Not Dead

Favorite Band/Musical Artist
Taylor Swift

Love this movie because it is a very good factual religious movie.

Taylor Swift is my favorite because I like the style of music and the lyrics.  

Basketball, Volleyball, and Dance

These are some of my hobbies because I enjoy participating in these activities, I practice them, and I'm are pretty good at each of them.  

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