How to balance family and work

Being a top lawyer in California can be tough, but having to balance a family on top of that can make it even worse. Daniel Chammas shows you that it can be done simply if you just try. He is a partner at one of the nation’s top 100 law firms, and while he may be a powerful lawyer, he is almost a devoted family man. So, just how are you supposed to do it?

One way to make sure that you are balancing things is to actually take the time out of your work schedule to spend with the family. You cannot spend time with your family if you do not consciously make the time to do so. Plan a time when you can leave work and go home to have dinner with everyone. Or take that weekend off in order to go to the park. Work will wait a day.

A great way to make sure that you are balancing work and family life is to stop doing activities that may not have to do with either of those things. If you are a huge fan of video games, maybe you take some time off from playing them to focus either on work or family and that way you will be free later when one of those things pop up.

Spending time with family is important to keep your mental wellbeing in check and to get you out of the office a bit. But work is important because it is the livelihood your family depends on. In order to balance them, you just need to plan out your weeks so you know that you are devoted an equal amount of time to them both.