Big Hole Little Hole

Made by:ARIEL,Kaydence

Question:Would one Big Hole erode more than a lot of Little Holes?

Hypothesis:I think the Big Hole will erode more because  I think that it will let out more water.

Materials:The materials that we are going to use are we need a bucket full of sand materials,two cups one with a lot of little holes and the other with one big hole,we also need a jug of water it needs to be 1,000 ML full for both,a bowl to catch all of the water that falls out of the bucket,and a ruler to hold the cup so that we pore the water into the cup.

(little hole)Before explanation/pic:First we set up the set and then we pilled up all of the sand in one spot then we filled our jar 1,000 ML then we put the cup with a lot of little holes on the ruler and I had ARIEL pore the water into the cup while I was holding the cup into place.

(little hole)After explanation/pic:First we looked at our sand and it looked like someone made a foot print in our sand.Then we changed our water it looked like tomato juice and it smelled like feet.But it only felt like water even with all of those sand particles it was really amazing and the rock particles all moved down even the big rocks and some of the small rocks went in the tomato juice water.

(big hole)Before explanation/pic:First we set up the set with the sand in the box and the cup on the ruler and the ruler on the box and the bowl on the floor and the jug in a hand and  water in the cup.Then the project begins,we have to fill a jug with 1,000 ML of water then i had ARIEL pore the 1,000 ML of water in to the cup and ave to hold the water dose not spill.

         (big hole)
so we got all of the thing's we need. then we got the water then we got the cup then we put water then we put the water in the measuring cup and pored it in the cup when the water hit the sand it moved the rocks and made a stream.

We think that the big hole is better than the cup with a lot of little holes because it let out more water so it eroded
more than the cup with a lot of little holes.