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Save the date: March 10, 2013

What is Verve?

Tell the quick story of how you met: what was the date, where were you and what happened? Who asked whom for a second date? Detail some of the important (or funny) milestones you reached together, as well as when you both knew s/he was "the one."

The Place

Set the scene: provide date, time, place, mood for the proposal. How did the proposer build up to the big moment? Explain how s/he felt about asking to take the big dive.

Next, tell how the question was posed (i.e., sky-writing, jumbotron, on bended knee) and how the recipient reacted. Was it a surprise or an expected ask? Quote how the recipient responded and whether there were tears. Be honest!

Additionally, you can describe the ring, including sentimental value, family histories, cuts, colors and special features. Tell whether you called/visited family afterward or just popped the champagne.


Please save the date: Veema party on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013. Call 210-410-1101 ASAP. RSVP a week earlier.

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