Personalized Learning

Presented by Jean Neyland & Heather Patterson

I Think Personalized Learning Is...

Scan the QR code at your table and join our conversation on Today's Meet. When you join our NPE1 room, give yourself a nickname. (Your initials work great!) Then answer this question...What do You think personalized learning is?

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning is a buzz phrase that educators use as an alternative to "one size fits all" instruction. It is the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments by learners and for learners in order to meet their different learning needs. Technology plays a huge role in personalized learning.

How does Personalized Learning Differ from Differentiation and Individualization?

Individualization- Instruction is paced to the learning needs of different learners. When using technology, the teacher selects technology for each students individual education plan.

Differentiation- Instruction is tailored to the learning preferences of different users. When using technology, the teacher adapts instruction and chooses technology to support groups of learners.

Personalization- Instruction is paced the learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and tailored to the specific interests of different learners. When using technology, learners have access to a set of technologies to support their own learning.

What Do You Think You Use Most in Your Classroom?

Go back to our Today's Meet room and share your answer. Do you use Personalization, Differentiation or Individualization in your classroom?

Can You Recognize the Difference?

On the table in front of you are several cards. With your table group, read each card and then decide if it is Personalization, Differentiation or Individualization.

What Do You Need to Know
About Students to Personalize Their Learning?

As teachers we understand that all students learn differently. To accommodate the wide range of learning differences, there are some things teachers need to understand about their learners.

Access - How students prefer or need to access and process information.This is the "what" of learning - how learners gather facts and categorize what they see, hear and read.

Engage - How students like to engage with the content. This is the "why" of learning - how learners get engaged and stay motivated.

Express - How students prefer to express what they know and understand. This is the "how" of learning - how learners plan and perform tasks and how they organize and express their ideas.

How Do You Learn?

Scan the QR code on your table and take a Learning Style Quiz to find out how you learn. How do you like to Access information? How do you Engage with what your learning? How do you Express what you've learned?

How Do You Personalize Learning for a Classroom?

Personalized Learning starts with the Learner. It is built on the idea that the learner:

  • Knows how he/she learns best
  • self-directs and self-regulates their learning
  • has voice and choice in their learning
  • is a co-designer of curriculum and learning environment
  • is motivated and engaged in the learning process

How do you Personalize Learning in a classroom with 20+ diverse learners? The easiest way is to use the Four Quadrants of Learning. We know that students learn in four ways: auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic. You can then find a variety of resources and programs that will fit each of these four learning styles. In essence, you create a series of flexible approaches that can be universally designed to meet he needs of every learning. In theory, if you choose four diverse learners form your class and assess their learner qualities, the remaining students in your class will fall into one of these four quadrants.

How Could This Look
in Your Classroom?

Smart Goal for 2014-2015: As a campus, we will focus on small group intervention planning to support identified target areas and design intentional work that will improve student academic growth. We will use formative and summative assessments and the learning goals identified by student data to support academic behaviors.

We would like you to take some time to talk with your team and generate ideas that you could implement in your everyday class setting that would help you take a step towards Personalized Learning. Think about ways you could use technology to help.

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