3 Great Things!
April 2015- Improvement, Development and Help

Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto Japan: http://juliet-rose1317.deviantart.com/art/Spring-Bell-Flowers-188662235

Welcome to the Spring 2015 issue of 3 Great Things! As always there are lots of great resources and tips. Summer course shells are available now and fall shells will be ready next month. This is a great time to update your courses and take advantage of new resources. As always, DE department staff are always available to answer your Moodle or online teaching questions.

Great Thing 1: Course Updates and Continuous Improvement Workshop

Summer course shells are available.  While you are working on making required updates, it's also a great time to try new ideas. Looking for a manageable course update process? Come to the Course Updates and Continuous Improvement Workshop April 15th, 3 - 4 PM in Spruce 102. Animal science instructor Jennifer Johnson, will present her easy-to-follow and customizable process. There will be time for your questions. If you have strategies that work for you, plan on sharing those too.

Great Thing 2: Online Professional Development Opportunities and Resources

You can't attend every DE sponsored workshop, but need the information and the professional development time. What are you going to do?

The DE department is putting all workshop content in the WCC DE Professional Development course and the DE website. All faculty are automatically enrolled in the  Moodle course. For each live workshop, there's corresponding content and a quiz. Work your way through the content, take the quiz and earn professional development time. Remember- you are responsible for tracking PD time via the PD tracking tool found on the WCC internal site.

For quick access to information, a significant amount of DE workshop content will also be available on the DE website (opens in a new window). For instance, you're updating your course to be ADA compliant and need to know about color contrast- and remember it was discussed in the DE workshop back in November 2014. Well, the most relevant content is available on the DE website; no need to login to Moodle. Remember the distinction though- to earn professional development credit you'll need to login to Moodle, work through the workshop content and take the applicable quiz. For purely informational purposes, workshop content will be available on the DE website.

Great Thing 3:

To better serve faculty needs, the DE department will now provide after-hours online/phone support on exam days each semester (8- and 16- week). This means even if DE department staff have left campus for the day, you can still have your last minute Moodle assignment/quiz or grade book questions answered. We know how stressful exam days can be if the Moodle grade book or other components aren't working as expected. This is an excellent opportunity to get the help you need when you need it. Watch for emails detailing this valuable service prior to the end of each semester.

Bonus Great Things:

The Online Course Information page (opens in a new window) grew out of a need to educate students about the time management and other expectations specific to online courses prior to registration. This is a growing resource of course specific expectations that provides crucial information to students and faculty advisers, on the time, textbooks, and expectations necessary to success in online courses. Take a look at the page and share it with anyone who might find it useful. If you are interested in having your online course included please notify the DE department and complete this form (opens in a new window). Questions? Contact us by phone or email. 

The Moodle Demo Course (opens in a new window) has been updated to better meet student needs. The course now includes sample units from several courses both online and seated to give students a clear picture of what a Moodle course looks like here at WCC. The username and login  for this course is: wccguest

The Moodle Demo Course is an excellent resource for evaluating online learning readiness when advising students. Have a student login and discuss what they see and their confidence in working through a Moodle course.  The course now includes a short quiz. If you have suggestions for updates or additions to the course please let us know.

More great things:

  • Watch for email reminders on preparing summer  and fall Moodle courses coming soon.
  • Fall course shells will be available in early April
  • Questions? Suggestions for 3 Great Things!, suggestions for improving DE here at WCC? Call, email or stop in and visit the DE department.