Review and Video: With Big New IPhones, the iOS 8 Software Inside Shines


The new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, come with some new features, and of course iOS 8. The new iPhones have better camera quality, mainly the iPhone 6 plus, and have a longer battery life. IOS 8 also has some new cool features such as family sharing and iCloud Drive. They make it easier to share photos and videos. Comparisons between the previous iPhones in appearance are the size, the thinness, and the curves edges. The new iPhones have bigger screen and are thinner. They also have rounded corners compared to the older iPhones. For other large phones, the iPhone is sleeker and easy to slip into your pocket. It is taller than the Galaxy Note 2 with has a 5.7 inch screen, although the iPhone 6 plus only has a 5.5 inch.

Ideals Related to This Story:

Opportunity and Liberty are linked to this story.

Since the release of iOS 8 on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, everyone has been talking about it, the new update and its features. Some people dont really like it, think it was kinda pointless, and that its glitchy. Everyone has the liberty to do that. In this article, it mentions how some of the features are pointless or did not really work out for them. It also mentions how Apple could of taken hints from other large screened phones with some of the features such as resizing app windows, using multiple apps at once and being able to make one of the apps larger than the other.

Opportunity ties into this story because everyone has the opportunity and chance to get the new iPhone(s) and/or the new software update. The article mentions how Apple had the opportunity to use similar features from other large screened apps as well as make up some new convenient features.

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