The capital of Colombia is Bogota, one of the largest cities in Latin America.

Spanish is the Official language of Colombia. This doesn't mean that Spanish is the only  language. English is also spoken in some parts of Colombia.

Colombia is located in the northern part of Latin America.

Colombia's population in 2014 48.32 millions.

average rainfall per year: About 107 centimeters average temperature 73.7 (F)

Three Major Landforms:Colombia Mountains, Andes Mountains, and Olympic Mountains.
Three Major Cities:Bogota, Cali, and Medellin.

Average rainfall per year: About 107 centimeters
Average temperature 73.7 (F)

The traditional dress of Colombia is the Iconic.

Football and Cycling are the major sports in Colombia.

The major ethnic groups of Colombia are Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and Romani.

Interesting fact......

In Colombia, it's illegal to wash your car in the street.

in Colombia's flag, Blue represents the seas on its shores.

A mode of transportation of Colombia is by road.

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