Romeo & Juliet: A Tragedy

Act V, Friar Lawrence, Jewoo Han. Life and death are in a never ending cycle in which a mortal coil binds them for eternity, the bright light of so many, extinguish by the cold winds of the ultimate end. I have not heard from Friar John, and I believe that he somehow did not make it. I must go and warn Juliet, I must stop the destruction of everyone's lives before matters become worse. When I arrived I saw the royal Paris dead upon the cold stones of the sepulcher entrance, two long swords and a dagger sprawled across the grave yard. As I ran into the opened tomb I saw the boy Romeo, with poison on his lips, lying by the side of a unconscious Juliet. But what is this? She stirred and wakes, before I know what to do only one thought races through my mind. Get her and yourself out of here. As I frantically try to calm her down and explain while dragging her away, I could not stop her as I heard the princes men marching near. I run out of the sepulcher ready to stop and explain the situation when I hear a faint gasp as Juliet commits the ultimate sin and stabbed herself in the chest. Oh from the day Verona became a battle field of the two families, to now where no one is to be of gain, but loss so grave it will remain a sad splinter in Verona's history.

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