The land of soccer

FIFA was founded by Diego Maradona on January 15,1930. Diego came from buenos aries Argentina. He sailed on a boat to find a new land. He traveled for days until he reached the northern hemisphere of Earth. He spotted a land that was big and it was full of grass every where he saw.

The Hand of God: The people of FIFA witness a historic day in their history after watching their president Diego Maradona was playing soccer against other people in FIFA when his teammate passed him the ball to score a goal with his head, a bright light shinned upon his head and he scored a goal but people dont know if he used his head or hands when he scored.The people of FIFA believed in the hand of God after that historic moment and they always go to the same spot where it happened and pray there every four years. Their religion is Fifain.

Economy:The economy in FIFA is kinda strange to other countries around the world but very creative when Diego Maradona thought of the idea.The FIFA's government uses soccer balls called brazuca.The people of FIFA do play with soccer balls but they don't use the brazuca because it is a special soccerball that means a lot to them like how money means a lot to us.FIFA shares its brazuca with other countries but the countries give them to people in their country to play with and sell them for a profit.

Food:The food in FIFA is awesome.They hunt down pigs and eat bacon forever.The bacon in FIFA gives them energy to do anything like play soccer, run,and never go to sleep. FIFA is the land of soccer and is the home of Diego Maradona!

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