Extremely Light and Comfortable Casio Protrek Titanium Watches

Casio Protrek Titanium watches are extremely light and comfortable, meant for the outdoor adventurer. Basically, the Casio Protrek range of watches are compact timepieces that have all the necessary features to make them suitable for outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, swimming, etc. These are sturdy and tough sports watches that can be considered as high performance tools to help you analyze and record data.

Most of the models in the Casio Protrek Series come with resin case and band but there are also several models with resin case and titanium band. These watches are large and rugged due to the titanium band material but extremely lightweight. The latest model, the Casio Protrek PRW3000, is a however a smaller and sleeker watch as compared to the older models. Just like the rest of the models in the Casio Protrek line, it is extremely light and comfortable but offers improved functionality and comes in a titanium bracelet.

Casio Protrek Titanium watches offer advanced sensory functions in addition to being extremely light and comfortable to wear. They are powered by solar energy so no worries as to battery change. Equipped with Casio's Triple Sensor System these watches can be used to measure temperature, pressure and also tell the compass reading. It also has a countdown timer, a stop watch and altimeter – all useful tools for the outdoor sporting enthusiast. Additionally, the Casio Protrek Series of watches are also water resistant

Casio Edifice watches are not only meant for the outdoor adventurer, they are equally useful to the international traveler. If you are a jet-setting executive flying to different cities around the globe, the Casio Protrek Titanium watch is an ideal choice. By pushing a few buttons, you can set the world time for a particular time zone and also keep your home time on display at one corner of the dial. The compass feature is quite useful to show the direction especially when you are in a foreign country.

The Casio Titanium Atomic digital watch has a LCD screen for digital display of the time and all other readings. An EL backlight feature and afterglow helps you read the watch in any kind of light. This watch uses natural light as a power source to recharge the batteries. The atomic timekeeping feature in this Casio Protrek watch ensures accurate time no matter where you are. The Casio Protrek Titanium watch is built to resist very low temperatures so you can wear it irrespective of the extreme climate outdoors.

With advanced sensory functions, the Casio Protrek watches can take on any challenge – be it in the air, water or land. Watch users can get all manner of data from these watches, thanks to the multitude of features packed into this timepiece.

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