By: Sydney, Carlee, Ryan, and Michael

We learned...

- How to properly site sources in MLA

- How to elaborate our sentences

- How to use context clues

- New vocabulary and said goodbye to the "bad" words

- Group skills

-Vision Boards gave us a better understanding of the goals we are later achieving in life.

-"My So Called Life" taught us how to relate literary terms to our everyday life.


It is important for us to have a strong sense for writing for future uses such as the ACT writing portion or college essays. However, that is not all. Being in this class has resulted in an overall, well-rounding of the way we look at World Literature.


All of the things that we have been practicing throughout World Lit. tie into what we are going to do later on in life. Doing the practice ACT prompts will eventually prepare us for the ACT writing portion. Also, watching CNN News has given us a better understanding on what is going on around us, not just in the classroom. We were elaborating our sentences by using feeling words and strong emphasis.

Technology Tools?

We have been using Google Drive to do presentations and writings such as "My So Called Life" and practice essays.

Critical Thinking?

A Critical Thinking exercise that we have been working at throughout this class is discussing a survey that we have completed. It had questions that had no right or wrong answer. They were just based on our own morals. We had to decide if we agreed or disagreed and backup inn what we believe in. These questions involved a lot of critical thinking.


We learned how to think critically about questions we answer especially when it comes to answering questions that have to do with a reading passage. We have also learned how to work together to complete tasks. Elaborating sentences has led us to become better writers.


We learned even more efficient ways to to work as group especially when doing projects. We learned how to divide up work, as well as how to come together to form an idea.

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