1. Welcome to Carmen Dewilde - SHEQ manager - DPA / CSO Boskalis Offshore.

  It is the sixth company to participate in BEMTAR.

2. New EU initiative to combat piracy - CRIMGO

On 11th January 2013 a project called CrimGo (Critical Maritime Routes in the Gulf of Guinea Programme) was announced  by the European Union.

It will boost security and the safety of maritime routes across seven African countries in the Gulf of Guinea

3. with BEMTAR

A collection of piracy reports since we started 01 July 2012. no longer works it has been taken over by Yahoo.

4. All ok now, alert can be discontinued. Many thanks and Best regards

This message concluded an incident which occured 18th January 2013.

See the infograph.

Names and positions have been omited for privacy reasons.

One lesson has been identified: To make sure an urgent mail has been received ask an acknowledgement or double check it by phone .

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