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From Chile to Alaska - Kombi Life

The Hasta Alaska project was founded in Chile. The main idea was to simply buy, build and share the greatest road-trip ever made in a Volkswagen Kombi bus.
To convince people that old vehicles are an epic form of transportation and to give their adventure a little bit of extra punch, they planned to drive from Chile all the way to Alaska! With a very small budget, a rebuilt van, and lots of enthusiasm they set off in 2011.
Ben is the driver, founder and host of the show. Sharne is his female sidekick from Brisbane, Australia, who was looking for a new start in life which she got from Ben. Alaska is an English Cocker Spaniel street dog that was abandoned in Lima, the capital of Peru. Co’Pito is their mobile house, a 1992 brazilian bay window from Volkswagen with a 1600cc air-cooled engine which had been rebuilt for the tenth time since the start of their adventure.
The Hasta Alaska project or ‘the mobile couchsurfing revolution’ is more than a spontaneous road trip. It’s an alternative lifestyle which combines the best of classic cars and people in one inspiring package. The whole trip is documented and posted on different social websites so you can see what it is like to live in a Volkswagen Kombi in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Everyone can buy a new car to go on a trip like this, but it takes commitment,dedication and passion to keep on track with a classic.

If you want to learn more about Ben and his Kombi Life adventures, you can go to http://www.kombilife.com. In the end, just remember 'Home is where you park it!'.

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