Text Structure #1

By: Leah Miller

First, when you have a Chromebook you can type an assignment out then send it to your teacher, then he or her can edit and comment on it, assigning your grade. When you don’t have a device you are most likely to do you work on paper, wasting it. (And killing trees). Either way you are still presenting your work to your teacher.

Then, Chromebooks allow you to download apps to improve your growth in education. With no device you need to use paper resources which would most likely be a textbook something that is heavy and that you may need multiple ones throughout the year. Either way you get the education you need, just not in the best form.

Finally, when you have a Chromebook you download apps and update them to get more recent and developed information, but when you don’t have a device and you have paper resources like textbooks you can’t update a book so you will have to get a new textbook for new information that you may not use or learn all the information, wasting paper. And (killing trees), either way you still getting the education your teacher is explaining and trying to teach you!

Text Structure #2

There are some very bad consequences when it comes to a school device. It just so happens that a couple years ago the Liberty School District brought Chromebooks into our school and many others in Liberty. At first it was just fifth grade getting to use them but this year the school has allowed third and fourth grade to use them so you have a GIANT responsibility to take on! If your teacher, Dr. Palmer, Mrs. Lawson E.T.C. knows that it isn't working out they may not give the second grade, first, and kindergarten them when they hit third grade. (They are probably looking forward to it)

Okay time for the facts! First off I have tell you that if you search something inappropriate THE TEACHERS WILL FIND OUT!!! For example if try to search something that would be “funny” to you, or your peers, don’t… the words that get searched and the user get flagged by a your teacher and other adults in charge.

I also have a story, its about a group of boys that a student teacher has at his high school and the group of boys had just got their Macbooks which is basically the same thing as a Chromebook just more like a laptop and there was a list that went on and on and on listing all the apps that they couldn't download and the group of boys tried to “hack” it and get around it so they could download the apps, and they had sucess! But a couple days later the teachers found out and the group of boys got in-school suspension and got their Macbooks taken away.

Text structure #3

#1 Turn on your Chromebook

#2 Sign in with your email and password

#3 Look at and explore apps

#4 Go to Settings

#5 Find the heading, Users

#6 Click on a blue icon of a head

#7 Click on a icon that has a camera on it

#8 Look on the top edge of the middle of the screen

#9 Smile and click on a skinny green box that has a camera on it

#10 Hit “done”

Text Structure #4

When you get your chromebook you're probably wanting to personalize it to make it represent you, well I think I can help you with that.

Something that you do to personalize your Chromebook that I’ve seen people do is they change their background, homescreen, wallpaper whatever you want to call it doesn’t really matter but it matters if you like it or not. And I’ve seen that sometimes people change their wallpaper every day or two because they like new things but you just have to find one that you really like and keep it at least for the quarter.

Another way you can personalize your device getting a skin when you get a skin you get a see through, hard plastic colored “cover” first of all it protects your chromebook and allows you to put stickers E.T.C. it also comes with a bottom and the bottom has stands so you can prop up your device for better access. I actually have one on my chromebook right now, the props are up and a couple days ago I decorated it with dance stickers from Michels. Some things that I thought you might want to know about the skins are that Best Buy, Target, and Walmart don’t have them, {you should probably go to Amazon.com, thats were I got mine} I hope I gave you a few ideas about personalizing your device.

Text Structure #5

The Liberty School District recently has given Liberty schools the chance to learn in a 21st century way with Chromebooks but a problem is that you have to pay a forty dollar fee for insurance and if you don’t pay that insurance and your child “harms” `the device in any way you have to pay a larger fee for damage, which can be up to three hundred dollars! Plus you won’t be able to take your device home.

You don’t have to pay money to for insurance, but if your child damages the device, {depending on the damage} matters how much you will have to pay so its not a very good thing to happen to you.

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