10 Differences between FFA and Charly

By: Ila Silva

1) In the movie Ms. Kinian and Charly fall in love.

2) In the movie, At the presentation Charly announced it was only temporary and both doctors didn't think he knew.

3)In the movie, Ms. Kinian talks about getting married to Charly.

4)In the movie, Charly works in a bakery instead of a box factory.

5) The setting of the movie is in New York instead of Boston.

6) In the movie, At the bar a kid drops all the glasses and people laugh at him but charly doesnt and he helps pick them up

7)In the movie, Charly writes on a chalkboard instead of a journal.

8) In the movie, Charly rode away on a motorcycle and smoked and hung out with girls.

9)In the movie, Ms.Kinian quizzes Charly instead of the doctor doing it.

10) Charly had 4 friends in the movie instead of  3  in the book

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