K-12 mLearning Options

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mobl21 is a development and assessment tool. It allows teachers to create mobile flash cards, study guides, and quizzes. The content can be accessed by students from a variety of mobile devices allowing them to study at their own pace.


Audioboo is a website as well as a mobile app. It gives students a voice by allowing them to upload audio in order to express themselves in what they are learning in the classroom. For example, a student could use this app in order to create a journal composed of audio clips used throughout a specific unit.


Educreations is an Itunes app for the iPad. It turns the iPad screen into a recordable whiteboard. It gives teachers the ability to diagram an activity through a voice recording, realistic whiteboard ink, adding photos, and sharing the diagram or creation through email, Facebook or Twitter. For example, a teacher could use Educreations to show a math problem or an activity in gym class and send it to their students in order to study. Or a student could use the app on their own iPad and practice/create their own diagrams for studying purposes or for assignments.


Socrative is a tool that can be accessed through students smartphones tablets, of laptops. It is a student response system that allows teachers to engage their classrooms with exercises and games. An example of an exercise used to assess a students understanding is the use of exit tickets.


Mindsnacks are educational games for learners of all ages while tracking a students a progress. There are a range of games and apps available (geography, vocab, and many languages). A student could use a Mindsnack app for studying in their spanish class.

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