Auditory Processing disorder

Brittany Jones

What is this?

This is a hearing disorder which affects about 5 percent of school aged children. During this condition, it is hard for children to hear and understand the same way another child may. The problem is not just hearing, it is mostly that it is hard for them to understand the differences in slight sounds or the changes in tone.


These can range from mild to severe depending on the child. Some of these symptoms may be:

* Child getting easily distracted

*Noise upsets them

*Verbal problems in school trouble them

*Disorganized or forgetful


They say cause of APD (auditory processing disorder) is unknown. There are some thing that are believed to effect this disorder and that is lead poisoning, head trauma, and maybe even ear infections. Those are just a few things they say can play a role, but are not positive, multiple things could be the cause.


There are hearing specialist you can see for this disease. The specialists will analyze them in five different categories, which are:

*Auditory Figure ground problems: child may not be able to pay attention if noise in background.

*Auditory memory problems: when a child cannot remember things.

*Auditory discrimination problems: child has difficulty between different sounds and words.

*Auditory attention problem: child cannot stay focused.

*Auditory cohesion problems: when higher level listening tasks are difficult.

Teaching Strategies

Some things one may do as a teacher is:

*Change around seating plans: a child may either need to sit in front of classroom or have back to window so they do not get distracted by something occurring outside.

*Having a good way for them to study. May have child record you so they are able to go back and re listen to what you said.

*Simplify directions

Family and community resources

Children with APD have trouble listening, so at home some suggestions may be:

*Child watching you while you are speaking.

*Use simple sentences

*Ask child to repeat things back to you

*Provide child with quiet working space


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