Howard's English Period 4

Kyra, with eyes like the Caribbean Sea, yet eyes of fire when angered;

Kyra of angel wings and flowing brown hair;

Kyra, whose ferocity lights her on fire,

is fighting with a sword that pierces everything;

trains night and day with anger and hate for the one who killed her parents,

spies for a man she hardly sees,

loves the man she grew up with,

wears a hooded cloak so nobody knows her true identity,

swoops down on enemies, like a hawk in the sky.

Kyra attacks when her enemies least expect it,

a star in the sky, turned sour by hate turns her enemies to ash,

attacks her true father,

because she does not know who he is.

Kyra, inside a wounded scarred body, rescued by her father;

inside a heart who loves her only friend,

inside a confused mind that doesn't know who she truly is,

is haunted by dreams of times she does not remember,

learns to love her true father,

tries to save the only man she has ever loved,

learns of her new allies,

risks her life for everything she has ever loved,

saves the world.

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