English Assignment

Things I'm greatful for:

1) My mom, she does everything for me and gets me things and is nice to me.

2)  My bed : my bed allows me to sleep well so I'm not grumpy.

3) My gut friend : He makes life so easy even when it's hard.

Places I'm thankful for :

1) My house : It's a warm place to live

2) My Aunts house : She always has good food and it's akways happy there plus her baby is super cute

3) My room : It's a place I can get away from everyone and everything

4) My friends house : It's a place where I don't have to worry about anything

5) Target : It's a place where I can spend all my money in 10 minutes, there's food, clothes, everything to make me happy

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3 years ago

Oh, Target. I'm embarrassed at what a balm that place is for me - glad I'm not alone in that! Happy New Year, Angel!