By Jaime Shadbolt

Halloween The Spookiest night of the year BOO!

Halloween facts

The holiday first came from Celts 2000 years ago they lived in Europe and on the last night of summer (the 31st of October) they thought that the spirits came so they dressed up as ghost so the spirits wouldn't hurt them

Halloween is also know by the these names.......

All hallows eve


The feast of the dead

The day of the dead

Halloween quotes

Halloween is one of the scariest holidays but also one of the best

Everyone likes dressing up as a spooky caracter and get getting free candy

Halloween is a great night because everyone has fun and it is a night no one will forget

I got my information from Google images,Wikipedia,wikisummarizer

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Really good Jaime, I like your Tackk!

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Really Cool. Well Explained too.

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Great Jaime you had good information and some cool pictures!!

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I think that you have a little too much picture and less information but overall it is pretty good! :)