Tack 6: I finished a book 😱😁

Part A:

           The last book I read cover to cover was called the beautiful child by Torey Hayden. In a year I read about 200 or more books. When I finish a book it feels like whoa I felt like I learned many things that I never knew about the characters in the first line but now it's different. I love the ending of the true diary it almost made me cry because I have a best friend like that but she left me.  What was interesting about this book was how he was so honest about everything like this seems really personal to be read and deep.

Part B:

         My dream is to be a singer and to get to there I will try my best to practice everyday and every second I get. I won't leave anything or anyone because there my friend and family and the reason where I'll get to in my life the support me to be there and here so I'm leaving no one .❤️

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