You are guilty and I am not

Dear Mr Criminal

HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY SHOE!!!! Why did you do that? In this letter you will regret stealing my shoe. My first reason is that I was dancing and my shoe just disappeared. My second reason is that i can’t find it so it must be stolen. My last reason is that I found it on the steps. You can’t get away with it because you are not innocent. YOU don’t need to have evidence because your evidence would be such a no no. Don’t think you have got nothing to do with it but you actually do.

First, I was dancing at midnight when my shoe disappeared. Evidence is that the Royal Prince Charming actually saw you take my shoe. He said he saw a person but what were you even came here. Are you crazy? By the way, I felt a hand carefully taking away but when I turned around you were gone but I saw something black. Also you were wearing a mask. I saw that from the back of your head. That is why you should serve your time in prison and this is the evidence that you are guilty.

Secondly, I couldn’t find it anywhere so it MUST be stolen. If it had slipped of my foot, it would have been right there, instead it was stolen by a little brat!!!! I am still living with terrible nightmare since that happened. I am also suffering from DEPRESSION. I can’t believe you dared yourself to do a such big crime. It was also stolen because it can’t magically disappear. My shoe have no magic so it can’t magically disappear. If it slipped out of my foot it would just be where I stepped my foot down BUT IT WASN’T. Give me a reason why it If it had I would have controlled it but still it wasn’t there. You are too stupid to do ANYTHING!! That is why you need time in prison and why I am innocent, not you.

Last thing is that I found it on the STEPS. I was dancing in the ballroom. How did it get there? That is what I wanted to know. If I found it there, SOMEBODY put it there and it was you! I don’t like you. I don’t even know your name! By the way…… my shoe can’t disappear and reappear just…it can’t just suddenly GONE. You don’t deserve anymore freedom. My shoe doesn’t have legs. It couldn’t fall down that steep stairs because my shoe couldn’t fly of my foot and fly over the stairs and suddenly stop and fall down. It is impossible.

Yes, my shoe slipped off my foot, but for some reason it wasn’t there. It can’t be invisible and say “you can’t find me I am invisible.” Use some common sense, my shoe slipped out my foot and it wasn’t where it supposed to be. It supposed to be centimeters from my foot but it wasn’t.

Therefore the evidence is that I was dancing at midnight and my shoe just disappeared. I couldn’t find it so it MUST be stolen. It was found on the steps. I have convinced you that you are the culprIt. In conclusion you are guilty and I am not.

Your Sincerely


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