Last season, Wizards guard John Wall befriended cancer patient Miyah Telemaque-Nelson and helped the little girl meet Nicki Minaj. Miyah died today at the age of six, and an inspired Wall scored 26 points with 17 assists in leading Washington to a double-OT win over the Celtics. After the game, he was left

If you watch John Wall’s postgame interview, you better have some tissues handy.

After the Washington Wizard’s 133-132 double-overtime win over the Boston Celtics, Wall began to break down in tears when he dedicated the game to Damiyah “Miyah” Telemaque-Nelson, a six-year-old girl who lost her battle with Burkitt's lymphoma on Monday.

“This was an emotional game for me,” Wall said. “This is for Miyah, one of my close friends who I lost that I met last year and it’s just tough man.

“To see a little kid who fights their heart for cancer and can’t beat it...this game is for her. My jersey, my shorts I’m going to give to her family. It’s a tough day for me.” he's my hero cause you can trust him he one of those type people who dosent give up on people he make sure he gets the job done dosent matter how bad the quest is and i think he's a nice person to meet he is a true friend i feel sorry for him this girl really touched his heart.

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