Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

Space is certainly an amazing place. But getting into a space shuttle up there is no easy matter, especially for civilians. The training is extensive and very long, and the trip can cost way too much money. A civilian will take away from an astronaut who has worked his or her whole life for this. Civilians should not be able to go into space.

The training takes an extensive amount of time, and can take a lot out of someone. You need to be very fit, active, have a certain weight, good health, and have to be comfortable in this new environment. Many civilians do not have the endurance that the professional astronauts and scientists have, and will most likely be ready to quit before even leaving the atmosphere.

NASA needs money! No longer being funded by the U.S. government, NASA earns its money through private corporations. Everyone should know by now that civilians are not millionares. The cost for the shuttle to be made is larger than you would think, and don't forget about the costs of the training and the equipment. If you put those three costs together, you wouldn't think that any civilian has that kind of money.

Going into space is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but a civilian is so inexperienced and so little informed about space, that it would be a shame to waste that chance to study life outside the atmosphere. Professional scientists and astronauts have been studying their whole lives and have been waiting for a chance like this to come up. How can we take that chance away from them like that?

With the costs being too high, the long and tough training requirements, and the chance to study space being taken away from the professionals, civilian space travel should not be allowed.

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