What is a monster?

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My Definition of Monster

A monster to me is anything that can cause stress. For example, public speaking is a monster because it causes me to be stressed out, especially if it is in front of people I don't know.

Monsters can be diseases. Cancer and viruses and bacteria are monsters because they can take people that we care about away from us and cause unbelievable stress.

Something as simple as my alarm clock not going off is a monster, because then I am late for work and have to rush around, which I find very stressful.

It's also a monster to me when kids don't care about mainstreaming, because I want them to have all of the positive things that go along with going to a comprehensive school, like being able to graduate, participate in sports and dances and have lots of different friends.

Another monster is bullying. Bullying causes stress in people who are picked on, who might not feel like they can tell anyone how they really feel, for fear of being called weak or a snitch. When you’re bullied and teased, it’s not funny, and you remember it for decades to come.

Finally, life is a monster. No matter how old you are, it throws curveballs at you. You have to develop ways to fight the monster of life and its stress, like coping strategies and people who support you. If you don’t have those, it can cause you stress and make you feel unsuccessful.

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