John Hopkins University

                                         Latin: "Veritas vos liberabit "

                                     English: "The truth will set you free"

Mascot: Jay the Blue Jay

College History

     John Hopkins University was built in 1876 and was named after a well know philanthropist John Hopkins. He became involved with many companies such as railroads and organizations. In John's will, he asked for $7 million dollars to be set aside. With this money, they established many things such as a hospital, orphanage, and a university. The first college president states,"Our simple aim is to make scholars, strong, bright, useful, and true."

     Currently the colleges acceptance rate is 14% and as  of 2014, 21,726 people were in rolled at John Hopkins. John Hopkins is also known for having one of the most competitive medical programs.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

As of 2014…

- 15% acceptance rate

-required GPA: 3.8

-SAT critical reading: 800

-SAT Math: 780

-SAT writing: 703

-ACT composite: 32 average


Campus life

     John Hopkins has an annual fire works display in order to celebrate the coming season.

Degree Plan

For medical school, you must complete a bachelors in either chemistry or biology. Once that is done, you apply for medical school. On completion of medical school, you then do your 2-4 years of residency.

Cover letter

To Whom it May Concern,

I am applying to the oncology position at John Hopkins in response to our meeting last Monday at John Hopkins University.

Currently I am pursuing my degree in oncology at John Hopkins University. I am currently on the portion of why course where I must develop field experience, and will advance my knowledge in the field of oncology. As of now, I have a vast amount of knowledge that I feel will help during my journey as being a oncologist. I have been known to be head on my classes. Although these classes have come with some, if not many challenges, I have worked extremely hard to get to the place that I am at now.

I strongly believe that the field of oncology is an extremely important part of the medical field. I know that I am a great candidate for a intern position in your hospital. I would very much like the opportunity to have an interview with you in order to show my interest in working at your hospital.

In advance , I would like to thank you for your consideration for the position.


Lauren Lopez

12320 Jazmin Rd.

El Paso, Tx. 79938

(915) 307-1723

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I feel with great pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Lauren Lopez when applying for acceptance into John Hopkins University for the study of Oncology. Ms. Lopez is a outstanding student with dedication and perseverance. She is one of my top students and I am more than honored to write this letter of recommendation in her favor. Ms. Lopez thrives to be the most distinguished young woman and will not settle for anything less than her best.

One of Ms. Lopez’s many qualities is her perseverance during a predicament she has not yet encountered or conquered. As I have observed her under my direction, I have yet to see what more her future holds for her. She is dedicated to make, not only hers, but the rest of the people around her see what she will do to make her future the best it can be. She is not only an outstanding young lady but she is also a great role model for those who have the privilege to meet a sophisticated young lady such as herself. I believe anything that she sets her mind to do, gets done. There is no dilemma in which she takes the easy way out.

I have without a doubt in my mind that Ms. Lopez will fill your expectations and excel above that. I am more than honored to be given the privilege to write a letter for a young lady such as Ms. Lopez. I am thrilled to be able to write down all the wonderful qualities she obtains and what a outstanding student she is, regarding both in and out of the classroom. If you wish to speak more about Ms. Lopez or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or via phone: (915) 543-2828.

Yours Respectively,

Madison Poppe

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

El Paso, Texas 79936

Tel: (915) 543-2828



                                                  Lauren Marie Lopez

                                                  23562 Tierra Clean




Obtaining a position at John Hopkins Hospital and allowed to showcase my skills in the field of oncology


-Bachelors in Biology

-Certified M.D.


El Dorado High School

University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX

-Bachelors of Biology

John Hopkins University

-Certified M.D.


-GT Program

-IB Program

-National Honor Society

-Graduating GPA: 3.8 / 4.0

-Dean’s List 2018- 2024


Internship at Sierra Providence Health Center

     - I was able to intern at Sierra Providence during my first few years of college. This allowed for me to get acquainted with the field of medicine.  

Internship at John Hopkins Medical Center during 2022- 2024

  • During this time, I got to experience the environment of a hospital. I also was able to shadow doctors and get their feedback on many of my questions.
  • I was able to address patients and assist the doctors in anything that they needed

Residency at John Hopkins Medical Center

  • I was able to complete my residency training at John Hopkins Medical Center in order to complete my schooling.


-Intern at John Hopkins Medical Center May 2022- April 2024

-Intern at Sierra Providence Health Center January 2018- December 2020


-Interested in providing care to patients

-Bilingual- Fluent in Spanish

-Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

-Proficient with Microsoft Words, Excel, Power Point, and Whiteboard

-Proficient with other employees

-Excited to work in a profession setting

Persuasive essay

     As many students begin to graduate from high school, it comes the time when they must make a very important decision. They must decide where they would like to attend college. When colleges receive applications, the applications are looked over thoroughly in order to insure that those accepted into the college or university are properly equipped with the skills that they will need when they begin their journey through a post secondary education. I deserve to attend the university of my choice because I am a dedicated student that will devote all of her time to her education and will strive to be the best that I can be.

     During high school I came across situations in which I had to sacrifice my free time in order to complete my assignments in order to receive an acceptable grade. Many of times I was invited to parties or events in which I would be around a large amount of my friends. Due to many projects or assignments given to me by my teachers, I was forced to stay home in order to complete these tasks. Although it was not very pleasant, I complied. I know that my education in extremely important in shaping my future. My education will pave the way of the great opportunities that I may have.

     A very important teacher taught me a great lesson. He always encouraged us to do our absolute best when it came to anything in life. Assignments must be precise. “The lazy man works twice,” was more than likely his favorite motto to live by. “Laziness” was not acceptable therefore we were required to turn in work that was acceptable and showed effort. This lesson helped me extremely through the rest of my years in high school. It constantly encouraged me to do everything that I can in order to make great work. Through this lesson, it helped me in receiving many recognitions and achievements.

     In order to be “college ready”, a person must have many different skills that shows their dedication to their work. These skills are not only important but predict a person's compatibility when in a post secondary environment. I strongly believe that I display the traits that prove my abilities when entering John Hopkins University.


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Oncologist: a person who studies and treats cancer.
Salary: $ 370,000

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Oncology comes from the Greek word meaning "tumor", "mass" , "volume".

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There are many sub divisions to the field of oncology