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False hopes

By : Ciere Robinson



The theme though out this book that was saw fit would be delusion.Through out the book Jeanette's father Rex often gave the narrator and her siblings false hopes. Jeanette and her siblings in the beginning of the book looked to their dad's inventions as a way of getting out of poverty. Hoping if one of his inventions or pipe dreams worked out they'd have a chance at a normal life like other children. Even when Jeanette's grandmother in Phoenix died and they inherited one of her properties they still didn't quite live as Jeanette hoped. Her father wasn't the only delusional parent, Jeanette's mother in the story had a degree to teach. Instead of using this degree to get a job and support their family, her mother decided to still cling to her dream of becoming an artist.


Another theme found fit through out the book was hardship. The narrator and her siblings went through many hardships throughout the book. When the family received money from mom's teaching job she'd gotten the family would  be able to eat well. Unfortunately it would never last long. Jeanette and her siblings would have to stretch the food supply by any means. In the book Jeanette and her brother were subjected to eating old ham with maggots on it because they had nothing else to eat. of course their mother encouraged them to do so as she ate some her self.


Introduction : The family is subjected to move from town to town. Jeanette has much hope in her father and his ideas/inventions. There is no doubt to her that her fathers ideas will succeed.

Rising Action : Mom and Dad decide to move the family to Welch, West Virginia. They arrive in Welch and try to adjust to Ermas ways of living. Which jeanette had implied in the story was a very hard task because Erma wasn't the most pleasant person to be around.

Climax : The family relocates to New York to be together. Maureen, Lori, Jeanette and their brother were all living independently. The Children faced an unexpected burden when Rex and their mother began living in a van in Manhattan. They could no longer host the parents.

Falling action : Mom and Dad end up squatters until Rex ends up dieing of a heart attack.

Resolution : Jeanette has finally accomplished being comfortable in the skin she is in. She finally realizes she no longer has to tell half truths or be embarrassed about her past and where she's come from.


Jeanette : Jeanette is not only the main character but she's also the narrator. What motivates Jeanette in the story is the thought of being successful. The baggage jeanette carries is all of her insecurities of her physical appearance. The significance of this Character is she is portraying their childhood from her point of view and how she felt growing up.

Mom : Rose Mary walls is the mother of Jeanette, Lori, Maureen and Brian. She's also the wife of Rex Walls. What motivates Rose in the story is her art. The baggage she carries is the burden of feeling like she has not succeeded in life and truly lived out her dream. The significance of Rose in the story is she teaches the children to never look for hand outs and learn how to stand on their own.

Dad : Rex Walls is the father of Jeanette,Lori, Maureen and Brian. Also the husband of Rose Mary Walls. What motivates Rex is the thought of being in business for his self and not answering to anyone. The baggage he carriers is his impulse to drink which often times in the story brought the worst out in him. What's important about Rex is he's teaching his children how to be strong and servive on their own without help.


This location is where the Narrator discovered her passion for the outdoors.

This location is where Jeanette and Brian learned what went on in the Green lantern.

At this location the Narrator (Jeannette Walls) learned the true definition of poverty.

This where Rex and Rose Mary become squatters and Rex eventually dies from a heart attack.

Important Quotes

Life is a drama full of tragedy and comedy. You should learn to enjoy the comic episodes a little more.”  ― Jeannette Walls

-This quote means learn to appreciate the good/funny parts in life for what they are.

“I wanted to let the world know that no one had a perfect life, that even the people who seemed to have it all had their secrets.” -Jeannette Walls

-Jeannette wanted people to understand the fact that everyone as had some sort of hardship in their life even though you couldnt tell or they didnt show it.

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