The connection of the Narcissus flower: Grew where Narcissus died looking at himself

Another connection is the Selfie.  People are obsessed with themselves and love to take pictures of themselves.

Narcissus ignored all of the maidens that were infatuated and in retaliation one of the ones he ignored prayed that he would only love himself. Echo who was one of the lovers of Narcissus. She was cursed by Hera who thought she had a relationship with zeus. She was cursed to never speak any other words other then what has been said to her. After the prayer to curse Narcissus he saw himself in a reflection in a pond and was so obsessed he stared until he died. once he died a flower grew where he rested, and so the flower was named the Narcissus flower.     

When Narcissus was staring to long into his reflection

The moral of the Story is to not be vain and self observed. Narcissus died by staring at his reflection too long and he was too self observed.  

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