Guy Montag

Questioning his life

Indirectly: Determined

Guy Montag shows to be determined in "Fahrenheit 451". Through out the story he shoes multiple acts of determination. For example as the firefighters are burning a house and all books in the house, Montag takes a book with him. After talking with Clarisse he is determined to learn about history and why things are how they are. He takes multiple books and shows Mildred although already knowing how she will react. He is set on showing Mildred the way he now sees things. This is indirect because the author did not come out and say Montag was determined, the audience had to gather clues and information from the story to come up with it.


Guy Montag was directly characterized as a fool. An example of this is when Mildred is talking to Montag as he is searching the house for his books that Mildred hid and she says, "Fool, Montag, fool, fool, oh god you silly fool..." It is directly because the author comes out and says Montag is a fool. We do not need to gather clues from the story to figure it out.

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