The First Evil Queen  


When the King and Queen of the evil country of Devore gave birth to their first child Brooklyn she was nothing like they expected. They were promised by Lucifer that their first born would be the greatest evil monster they had ever laid eyes on to take over their kingdom. Brooklyn reached the age of five and still there was not one sign of an evil bone in her sweet innocent body. This dissapointed her parents greatly.

Brooklyn became a joke in the kingdom which made her parents extremely angry. So angry they confronted Lucifer himself who was very offended they did not appreciate his work. Lucifer told the King and Queen to just be patient and one day they would truly understand the evil he gave their daughter.

As Brooklyn grew, so did her beauty and not her evilness. However this all began to change when she reached 17. Her parents were thrilled with the new side of their daughter until it quickly began to grow out of hand.

With Brooklyn's new found empowerment she realized exactly what she wanted, complete control. To achieve this she must win over her people in the kingdom and eliminate her parents from the throne. The fist step in this was to kill her father which would remove her mother from the throne as well leaving it open for her to take. However in order for her to take the throne she must have a king.

Brooklyn killed her father and the evil behind her deed won her over the love of her kingdom. Her subjects felt anyone evil enough to kill their own father was perfect to rule Devore. Brooklyn threw a party after her fathers death to find the man she wanted to make her king and once she found him she put a spell on him with a magic potion and they were quickly married. Brooklyn's mother was taken off the throne and stuck watching her daughter take over.

With her mother being the only one to object, Brooklyn becomes queen at the demand of her people. She goes down in history as Devore's most evil queen and becomes the basis of many fairy tales in the future.

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