Nomad City


Through The walking man began to build the natural passage around him

Errare humanum est...

By changing the meanings the traversed space, the route became the first aesthetic action that penetrate into the spaces of chaos , building a new order on the basis of which the architecture of the objects placed in gait developed is an art that contains in its breast and menhir , sculpture , architecture and landscape.

Today we could build a history walk forms of urban intervention, which contains the symbolic meanings of that primary creative act: the fool who err on landscaping the act of symbolic transformation, not only physically , the anthropic space.

Anti -walk

The act of walking has been experienced during the first decades of the twentieth century as a form of


The visit is one of the instruments chosen by given to realize an overcoming of art that will act as the guideline for understanding the later vanguards.

Then they discover in walking a dreamlike and surreal component and define this experience as a wandering, a kind of automatic writing in real space layers to reveal the unconscious areas of space and the dark arts of the city.

Land- walkdurante

the second half of the twentieth century is considered and walk as one of the ways that artists use to intervene in nature.


Reading the present city from the point of view of wandering is based on transurbancias Levada out by Stalker since 1995 in some European cities. He lost between urban amnesia, found that those spaces that dad was defined as banal as well as those places that the surrealists were defined as the unconscious of the city.

Flores Rodriguez Valeria

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Cesar A. Covarrubias Flores

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