Impact of Technology

Thinking Outside the Box

Global Impact

            People can communicate easier with each other. Technology is boosting economies all around the world. Education has also benefitted from technology and improving learning.

Changes in Businesses

   The economies are growing and changing peoples’ lives in unpredicted ways. Businesses can communicate with others around the world. Goods are transported easier with the use of technology.

Advantages of Newer Technology

            Newer technology can also save you time and money. You can get quicker access to the information you need for school, business, and more. It can provide you with the helpful resource, the internet, to find information faster.

Risks over Advantages

The risks and advantages are pretty equal. There are numerous advantages, but the same amount with risks. over the internet, there can be harmful people that could be a threat at some times. But even so, the new technology is helping us with our everyday lives. We just need to be cautious of what could be around us.

Why is Technology Changing the World?

Technology is changing the world as we speak right now. It changes our everyday lives. We have television, cell phones, game systems, laptops, etc. It even helps us financially at times. You use calculators in school for more difficult math problems. Technology. Lives are being saved because of the used of technology to see if patients have diseases or to see if they are healthy and how to prevent some cases.

Changes From the Past Few Years?

What has not already been covered is when you use technology, you can use it in many different ways. Educations are rising from it. Some people have seen that students learn better with it sometimes. Also for health, the technology today has been so improved to see what illness you have in your body. It has greatly affected the world.

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