Intro to Special Education

This class is about teaching future teachers about special education in the classroom. I hope to l earn how to meet the educational needs in special needs children. I have a preconceived notion about Special Needs Learners because I get to work as a para in a sped classroom. I love my job. My students inspire me!

Everyday there is a new challenge and a different learning experience.

To be successful in this course I strive to practice good time management and to make improvement throughout the course. I expect from myself what I would expect from my future students, to work hard and have fun doing it. When I am a teacher I expect myself to give each student the best opportunity to learn and be successful.

The future depends on what you do today.
                                                                   -Mahatma Gandi

The kind of student I am now will reflect the teacher I will become because good work habits will cross over into my teaching career. I I will face many different obstacles in my journey as a teacher. Every year teachers start fresh with a new student roster and each year will have different rewards and challenges. This class can help me by preparing me for real world experiences and topics that I will face working as a teacher.

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