Southern Colonies


The colonies that are located in the Southern Region are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.


The climate is really good because there are short winters and that means more time to grow food. It also means you wouldn't be freezing for a long time period. Since the climate is so good the growing season is the longest out of the other two regions. There are also broad rivers which make transportation easy.


They have corn ,wheat, indigo, tobacco, and cattle. This region has a lot to choose from compared to the other regions because our growing season is a lot longer than theirs. The tobacco that is grown here is also a really good profitable crop.


Most of the region is open to any faith which means you would fit right in no matter what religion you believe in! The government is self governing so you are never held down to do something you don't want to do.


The industry in the Southern region has a lot of variety. There is shipbuilding, iron works, farming, etc. One really big money making crop is tobacco. New England is where most of the tobacco is sold. The founder of tobacco is John Rolf. Therefore this region has money to buy things and make the region better.

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