The Algonquian Tribes of the Coastal Plain

By Carolina and Fatima


A man gives a woman an animal bone to show that he would provide for the family      The woman gives the man an ear of corn as a vow that she will grow the crops


When it was ground,(smashed corn), it is used in bread,soup,ash cakes and foods for the trail.A favorite way to eat corn was right off the cob or as popcorn,as we do today.

Pottery and Baskets

The American Indian people made pottery from clay.Baskets were constructed mainly of reeds found near streams.They were often very beautiful.

Bow and Arrow

Young boys were experts shooters and were able to kill a bird.Bows were made by eastern woodland tribes from springy wood such as shagbark hickory,white ash,cedar or white oak.


canoes in Maryland, many Americans Indians built their own canoes of the prized birch bark.The canoes were so well designed that today the design is still used.


The people were peaceful and made all visitors, even white men,feel welcome.


Dogs are the common animal American Indians use to hunt with.

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