FIFA replied to the Barclays Premier

This year, FIFA replied to the fifa 15 coins cheap Premier League perfection, so we asked to Santiago Jaramillo, producer of the series, when we can expect the same treatment for the MX League. Although there are no immediate plans, he acknowledged that a tournament is very important for Latin America and EA is working to increase its penetration in it.

"Right now, we do not know. There are many leagues in the game and give the level of authenticity that gave the EPL takes time and resources." Jaramillo said. "However, we know that the MX League is important, in fact it is the league that's playing the Latin American region, so definitely to supplies of FIFA we will seek to include more faces of star players, most Mexican stadiums and follow it specifying alliances with clubs such as the one performed with Puebla FC. "he added.

What of faces or "starheads" as called EA is important because Mexican teams players are usually the most generic in terms of authenticity.

During the talk with Santiago Jaramillo, the developer also addressed the issue of virtual reality and criticism of the repetitive nature of the franchise.

FIFA 15 debuted last month with good critical reception, although we can not say it's the most revolutionary in the series in recent years.

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