All senses for art

All senses for art

Discriminating deaf people… People like all of us… Only difference is that their ears don’t work at their complete potential. We are in 2015, ladies and gentleman! Things need to change. Yes, we can do it! But let me put things clear: being deaf is not an intellectual deficiency. We are so used to talk to people around us that the communication barrier makes us avoid people who have a hearing deficiency. Let’s say it, it doesn’t make any sense! We pass by very interesting people. We need to talk about them because they need to be valued.

Slowly, organizations are taking deaf people under their wings. For example, D-PAN (The Deaf Professional Arts Network) is an internationally-known nonprofit organization dedicated to making music and music culture accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community. They create music videos of popular songs featuring deaf performers expressing the song’s lyrics through American Sign Language. Isn’t that amazing? This organization is doing something really big for our society. They are telling to the hearing world to drop their prejudices and acknowledge the deaf community not as a lesser group but as equals.

There is also the Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens. Indeed, they organized a dance show fully built by death people. Since the entire cast and crew was deaf - down to the technical and costume designer- the director’s instructions were relayed in sign language. That shows us that deaf people can be fully independent and that being deaf does not stop them to do things non-deaf people do.

D-PAN and the Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens are very good example of the progress we are doing to reinsert deaf people in our society. They both make us discover a world that we aren’t always aware of which I think is very important.

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