Internet Safety

By: Jemma and Ashley

                                            Do you really know who your talking to?!

Safe Surfing Tips and
Safety Online

  • Do not give your number out to strangers on social media
  • Search appropriate things
  • Kids and teens need to learn to take responsibility and take charge of their behavior

Risks Kids Take on the Internet

  • They click on pop ups
  • Buying stuff
  • chatting with people
  • cyberbullying

Protect yourself: Your identity, privacy, friends, etc.
{How to protect your self}

  • dont talk to strangers
  • If someone asks for your name, don't tell them.
  • Be confidential with your personal information(friends, name, age,etc.)
  • Keep your passwords, NEVER tell them to someone else even if you trust them
  • Teachers need to help students use the internet appropriately and safely.

Social networking tips for teens

  • Be careful what you do on facebook, instagram, twitter (etc.)
  • Dont friend or follow someone if you dont know them
  • Have code of conduct, set some rules with your parents
  • People aren't necessarily who they say they are online.

Other Ideas related to safety online.

  • avoid scams
  • avoid illegal activity
  • stop cyberbullying when you see it
  • keeping up to date
  • firewalls

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